Tapping Into the Authentic Voice of the Consumer

Q&A with Ann Eubank, LMSW, OTR/L, ATP, VP Community Initiatives at UsersFirst

Q: You believe it’s critical for consumers to advocate for themselves — i.e., directly communicating to legislators, funding sources, etc., about their needs, concerns, dreams, etc. Why is this a more powerful or eff ective means of communication versus having a clinician or equipment supplier relay such messages?

Ann Eubank: In the history of successful consumer movements, one of the essential elements is the authentic voice of the consumer. Whether conveyed from the unique perspective of the consumer or in collaboration with the interests of other stakeholders, this voice off ers insight into potential consumer impacts. It is particularly important that the messages convey an independence of thought and the capacity to draw upon the actual consumer experience. Can medical providers and clinicians discuss that experience? Certainly! But will it have the power of the first-hand stories of those most directly affected? Seldom!

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